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With a steadily increasing revenue on every side, Why Holding is one of the most important businesses in Italy, aiming for even harder goals because of the patriotism on which it has been founded. It displays itself as international lead in communication and tourism fields, sectors in which it focused its effort.

Started as a little village business, today it is even more open and ready to face more challenges of international business.

Why Group an holding that is constantly growing.

Today, the Group is embarked on major challenges along the main guidelines for core business growth: its activities' internationalization process, which now accounts for 23% of consolidated sales abroad, the extreme focus on technology and opportunities they can capture and the constant strengthening in the contents industry, made more and more crucial by the spreading of distribution platforms.

Within its economic system, Why is undoubtedly an example of high-value entrepreneurship and an irreplaceable factor in cultural and civil growth.

Based on strong values in order to show great ethical wisdom.

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