A great Group

Why is the holding leading some important companies operating in the hotel, tourism, food and communication businesses. It operates in the communication business with a leading position thanks to LANGA Group, its divisions and their traded services.

The Group has then many important shareholdings in hotel branches, thanks to WhyInn properties; an important role in food business thanks to the WhyEat portal and a strong cultural basis thanks to the umpeteenth branch of this Company, WhyOut.

Born with ideas

Why Group at the beginning of 10s has started a targeted focusing of its core business; communication, entertainment and high-level accommodation are the main services provided to the customer.

Born with the idea of creating a group of exclusive and functional services; even now, the quality way represents the fundamental path to follow.




WhyInn is an accommodation society, operating in the hotel business in Langa and Barolo. WhyInn services have an high-quality style and a staff available in full for the client.


WhyEat is a food consortium focused on high-quality food, directly addressed to the client through an online informatic portal for purchasing.


WhyOut is a branch of Why Group Company, centered on cultural care through guided trips and tours.


LANGA is a commercial organization leading media studios for digital processings' creation.


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