Terms and Conditions

The “www.whygroup.org” website (“Website”) is an online information service provided by Why Group (“Why”). The use of this website entails for the user the knowledge of terms and conditions here below.

Operational Limitations

The material in this website is copyrighted. Documents, images, characters, artwork, graphics on this website are exclusively owned by Why or concessed it. Unless specifically provided for, the website’s contents can not, neither fully nor partly, be copied, edited, reproduced, transferred, downloaded, published or distributed in any way without the prior consent of Why Group. It is possible to store this contents on the computer or to print Website pages’ excerpts for personal use. Names, brands and logos on the Website are woned by Why and/or by societies that are or were part of Why Group (collectively named “Why Group”). They can not be used on any other website or communication media without prior consent of Why Group or their lawful holders.

Liability Limits

No liability will be assumed in relation both to the content of what published on the website and to the use third parties can make of them, both for possible contaminations resulting from access, interconnection and material download from the website. So, Why does not have to answer for any damage, loss, prejudice suffered by third parties because of the contact with the Website, or because of the use of what published on the same, as well as of the softwares used.


Why will not assume any liability for materials created or published by third parties with whom the Website has an hypertext link (“link”). The user who chooses to visit a website linked to the Website does it at his own risk, bearing the responsibility of taking all necessary measures against viruses or other disruptive elements.