Structure and Company

A great group

Why is an holding leading some important companies operating in the hotel, tourism, food and communication businesses. It operates in the communication field thanks to LANGA and its divisions, selling digital services. The group also owns important shares in hotel branches, thanks to WhyInn's properties; the weight of food indexing, thanks to the WhyEat portal and cultural bases thanks to another branch of the business, WhyOut.
Company Sector/Field
WGA Holding
WhyInn Srl Hotel Company
An Pais Hotel in Castiglione Falletto
An Front Hotel in Barolo
WhyOut Tour operator
WhyEat Alimentary company
LANGA Marketing Company
LANGA PRINT Graphic Brand
LANGA VIDEO Video/voiceover Brand
eFruit Grocery shopping
ADpp Design Architecture studio
FuoriRitmo Theater & Radio Handmade website with 500€
The Company follows important goals set out by the Management board in order to respond to the needs of the public to whom it pays attention. Thanks to solid and constant investments, the Group offers a strong development of the technologies that it sells.
Why is based on social equivalence and fair distribution of the administrative weight in order to make the job as pleasant as possible, not only for employees, but for all the people who are part of it.